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Moe Robinson, Editor

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This week's movement

June 14, 2002
We will post this week's movement on Fridays





Jim Jeffords-  In a recent poll, Vermont's Junior Senator decision to leave the Republican Party is still supported by 69% of Vermonters. 

PoliticsVT Trivia- Earlier this week, Politicsvt.com announced PoliticsVT Trivia.  Since the trivia contest was launched on Tuesday more than 75 people have entered.  Click here to take politicsvt trivia contest. 

Anthony Pollina-  Although 25% of Vermonters who were polled have a unfavorable feeling toward Pollina, 14 percent would still vote for him.  This is important since Pollina hasn't appeared in the media much.  His numbers will only increase. 

Doug Racine- Jim Douglas has spent thousands of dollars on TV and Radio ads, but Racine holds a 9% lead in a recent poll.   



State Legislature- The Legislature adjourned the 2001-2002 session on Thursday.   2002 was one of the longest sessions in recent memory.  In the end a comprise was worked out on re-districting, which allowed members to return home to campaign for re-election.





Con Hogan-  Like Jim Jeffords, Con Hogan left the Republican party earlier this year.  Hogan, has not gotten the same response that Jeffords got.  Hogan is running for Governor full time and only managed to poll 5% in a recent poll.

Progressive Legislators-  The 2002 legislative map has Representatives David Zuckerman, Bob Kiss and Carina Driscoll (P-Burlington) together into a two person district.  Progressive sources tell politicsvt.com that either Zuckerman will retire or Driscoll will run for the Senate.   

Town of Orange-  A deal was cut on re-districting in order to keep the issue out of the courts.  The big loser in the deal was the Town of Orange.  A community of less that 1,000 people was one of the main reason the 2002 session was held up.  For centuries the Town of Orange was in the Orange Senate district, that will all change.  For the next 10 years, the Town of Orange will be represented by Senators from Caledonian County. 


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